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The 4Cs Of Diamonds

We explain the 4Cs of Diamonds – cut, color, clarity, and carat weight – the most important characteristics to understand when making a diamond purchase.

Why Buy Dutch

Instead of buying diamonds at a retailer, we offer you the option to go directly to a diamond importer. Often times, we beat the price of those retailers – making financing and all their promises worthless. Buy your custom jewelry and diamonds from Dutch saving you the cost of retail markup.

We get a vast supply of diamonds from miners, recutters, and some of the largest importers.

We have access to diamonds of all shapes, sizes and grades compared to retailers and if we don’t – we can have exactly what you’re looking for within a couple days.

Buying jewelry direct from the source without any middle man involved makes the jewelry more affordable and comfortable.

We are a trusted source with years of reputation for quality and knowledge.

Downsides of Buying Online

  • Without being able to visualize the diamond, how can you see where the inclusion is, the brightness, color or how it looks through a loupe?
  • You can’t see, touch or examine them, preventing you from comparing diamonds to each other to make your perfect choice.
  • Part of the diamond buying experience is choosing the one that speaks to you and your special partner. Would you buy a house online? Why would you purchase a diamond that way either?
  • There is quite the range of characteristics as mentioned above that are not simple to come up with the perfect combination. It is impossible to see these character differences or flaws online.
  • It is unfortunate, but true that internet dealers are not always honest – we actually have plenty of customers come in with their online diamond and have it re-graded by our experts. It is a common practice that the appraisals do not match the diamond allowing online retailers to charge more.
  • Prevent the stress and fear of the unknown, visit Dutch Diamonds where our seasoned experts can help you find the perfect stone – in person!

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