We have the ability to provide you an in-house appraisal of jewelry you bought elsewhere or from us for insurance scheduling, estate distribution, charitable donations, casualty/loss, quality confirmation, and sales advice. We also have the ability to submit your jewelry to national appraisal institutions such as GIA, EGL and AGS.

Cleaning & Polishing

Don’t let your precious jewels collect dusts, smudges and scratches. Come visit our showroom at anytime to get your jewelry cleaned and polish - to keep you looking like new!


Have a family diamond you want to mount, or bought a diamond or gem elsewhere, we can show you our various semi-mounts to mount your stone or can create a custom design. We even have rush service available if you need a job done quick.


Not wearing your ring or chain because it does not fit right? Take it out of your drawer and let us identify your size and let our master jewelers fix it to make it right and comfortable again.


Our staff has decades of jewelry experience. Whether planning for the perfect engagement ring or anniversary gift, let us help you find the ideal piece. We have in-store inventory, and access to many vendors who offer a vast selection of jewelry.

Design Services

We can help you design a custom piece or modify an existing piece. Through CAD Design developed on computers by designers using state-of-the-art equipment and software that metamorphose your thoughts and concepts into works of art. These works are then sent in the form of digital files to be transformed from data to a 3-D wax.
The three-dimensional form is then embedded in a furnace to incinerate the model. The investment containing the negative impression will be filled with molten gold or platinum by centrifugal or vacuum casting to precious metal that will be tooled and worked by skilled bench jewelers. The finished CAD jewelry design will move on to the jewelry polishing team to prepare it for diamond setting.